DJ and Engram for Kelce and Metcalf?

I’d be getting the Kelce side, would you do it to get Kelce? I’d need to go and flip OBJ for an RB afterwards, my gut is saying pass but Kelce is tempting

My team and full PPR 12 team.
QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, DJ, Montgomery, Jones, Singletary, Coleman,
WRs - Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin, OBJ, Anderson
TE - Engram

I wouldn’t make that trade. Engram is great and DJ is a top RB…you can get way more than that.

Agreed, just had a pause with Kelce being thrown in. Will hold out

Also concerned that Engram will miss multiple weeks and I’ll need a second TE for a while with the bye weeks coming up

Still wouldn’t do it. Just float until he’s back or trade for a lesser name. You trade and get obj and kelce and assume you can flip obj for a RB? No one wants him right now, so I think you should hold on.