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Dj and Evans for m Gordon?


I would get dj and Evans

My team
K Johnson
Ty Hilton
John brown
Calvin riddley
Doug Baldwin


No thanks keep gordon.


Just to be clear David johnson lol


That’s tough. DJ has such an enticing playoff schedule and there’s hope with the new coach bringing in the Arian’s system Ru a 2 or 3 WR league?


I would def not do this. But I would see about maybe getting Evans or DJ for anyone who isn’t M Gordon. Maybe like Baldwin and J Brown for Evans if they need a WR? Or Breida and Kerryon for DJ if RB? I just absolutely don’t think your team is in dire enough of a situation to warrant selling M Gordon. He’s arguably the best fantasy player overall ROS.


If the guy is offering Evans without getting a WR in return, I think it’s safe to say, the guy is good at WR.