Dj and Evans for m Gordon?

I would get dj and Evans

My team
K Johnson
Ty Hilton
John brown
Calvin riddley
Doug Baldwin

No thanks keep gordon.

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Just to be clear David johnson lol

That’s tough. DJ has such an enticing playoff schedule and there’s hope with the new coach bringing in the Arian’s system Ru a 2 or 3 WR league?

I would def not do this. But I would see about maybe getting Evans or DJ for anyone who isn’t M Gordon. Maybe like Baldwin and J Brown for Evans if they need a WR? Or Breida and Kerryon for DJ if RB? I just absolutely don’t think your team is in dire enough of a situation to warrant selling M Gordon. He’s arguably the best fantasy player overall ROS.

If the guy is offering Evans without getting a WR in return, I think it’s safe to say, the guy is good at WR.