DJ and Theilen Trade

10 man full PPR, currently 4-2 in third place.

I trade away: DJ and Theilen
I get: Zeke and Tyreek Hill

Thoughts? My other RB is CMC and Michel as starters and Flex. Other WRs are Tate, Ridley, Allison and Coutee

Come out ahead? Is it a wash? Trying to get away from DJ and put a push for a championship and I feel I’m a little short behind the current league leader.

Is dumping DJ really worth losing Thielen? He is a PPR monster, he puts you in position to win each week.

Hill is awesome but his points each week fluctuates too much imo.

That is my dilemma. Thielen puts me in a position to win, but DJ and his uncertainty cost me both losses. Ideas for who to target by packaging DJ and Tate possibly? Cant’ imagine Zeke and Hill would work in that combination, but I could possibly do a 2 man trade for a more solid RB1 or WR1.


I’d try for a 2 for 1 to upgrade your flex position and promote Michel. I lean towards flexing WRs because their value is considered lower per point because of positional availability.