DJ Blues -- Trade for D. Murray?

As a man that drafted Dez in 2015, AP last year, and DJ with the first overall pick in my fantasy draft this year, these are not by any means uncharted waters. 8 man redraft league – thinking about moving jordy for either demarco or gurley… full point ppr with solid depth prior to DJ’s injury.

QB: Marriota & Luck
RB: DJ, Crowell, Mixon, Howard, T. West
WR: Jordy, Diggs, Landry, T.Y, Decker
TE: Graham & Rudolph

Jordy for Demarco
Jordy for Gurley
Diggs & Crowell for Gurley/Demarco

Thoughts? It’s tough to have faith in T.Y and Landry due to their situations, but I am still buying into the workload and efficiency of Demarco Murray.