DJ, Callaway for Mixon, White, Funchess

12 Team PPR

Would you make this trade if you are the DJ owner? White worries me with Edelman and Gordon becoming a part of the offense, I feel he could lose looks in the passing game, and if Michel really breaks out, that worries me even more so.

thoughts? any feedback?

I don’t like it, I don’t feel this trade does anything for either team

to be honest i don’t care if it doesn’t help the other team but what do you think of the return for dj? or should i just hold tight and wait and see if he gets back to dj

As a Pats fan up here in Mass, I can tell you that White is the most underappreciated player on that roster by everyone BUT Tom Brady. He loves James White and went so far as to comment on it after the loss to Detroit (spoiler alert, he wants White on the field more).

With Burkhead getting injured, White will see a TON of targets in the passing game, especially if the O-line continues to be shaky and Brady doesn’t have time to wait on routes.

I’m buying shares of White all day.

I would hold tight, Rosen is starting in AZ so lets see if that changes Dj’s outlook, plus Mixon can’t win u games injured

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thats my thinking on white as well, really want him, but do you think im getting enough for dj? or even mixon and white for dj, get rid of the wrs

yeah thats what has me iffy

I have DJ too bro I def understand the want to trade him haha

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I wouldn’t trade for Mixon personally, and I don’t believe in White at all

I dunno man, something ain’t right with DJ… a quick look at how often he’s facing stacked boxes proves that defenses aren’t even loading up and he STILL isn’t performing (his 17% is 30th in the league!!!)

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Mixon is a gamble due to the injury but that guy can BALL when he’s out there. Cincy coaches finally gave him the volume and he looked really good. I own him in leagues and I ain’t moving him.

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yea I hear u but their line stinks and the LB’s can just sit around and lurk since Bradford doesn’t throw further than 10 yards. Besides last game Bradford hadn’t been targeting him but now u have Rosen who as a rookie should def need to check the ball off to Johnson

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What made Johnson so good a few years ago was his ability to catch the ball call me crazy but I believe he will finish in the top 5 at the position

you guys being on each side of this is my exact dilemma ! lmao i feel like that gif of larry david weighing both sides

I kinda like the Mixon side here. White value just went up with Burkhead probably being done for the season. And Funchess is improving with an Olsen-less offense and Cam playing really well so far.


I wouldn’t do it. Dj owner here and I’m thinking Rosen could bring some life to the offense

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I wouldn’t fault anyone for a wait and see idea. If he doesn’t bounce back though his value is going to plummet. I love callaway too… trades are tough this year. I flipped Hunt already in one league and acquired Gurley in another… favors the bold and all that jazz LOL

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