DJ Chark doo doo doo doo?

So my WR are the main reason my team hasn’t performed this year. My top 4 are currently Juju, Gallup, Woods and Gordon.

I might have an offer for my Ronald Jones for DJ Chark should I take it? My other backs are Zeke, Carson, Singletary and Jamal Williams

I would say yes, you have pretty good depth at RB, at least two every week starters and the Bucs can very very easily fall too far behind in any one of their games and game-script RoJo out…BUT, keep in mind 2 out of your 4 RB’s you named are on bye this week, so make sure you have enough fill-in to make the trade. Barring that, I’d say it’s a pretty good trade…Foles is gonna utilize Charks speed on the outside