DJ Chark down, need to fill the flex

DJ Chark is out of my flex tonight so debating between Melvin Gordon & David Montgomery . I know ATL has been running up the score so that should put Chicago in passing situations, do we think Montgomery will be catching out of the backfield. Similar situation with the Bucs/Broncos. What are your thoughts Footclan?

I’m definitely starting Montgomery over Gordon. The Bucs are #1 against RBs and I expect Denver to be chasing points, so not many carries for Gordon. I love the matchup for Montgomery. Atlanta gets destroyed by pass catching RBs.


You don’t think with Driskel they’ll be dumping down the ball to Gordon? Vs Cohen eating into that work for Montgomery? I know he’s been irrelevant this year, but isn’t that what he does best? Appreciate it bud!

No. Cohen is being phased out and Montgomery is a high end RB2 this week. The Bucs’ LBs are fast and will not let Gordon beat them. Look at what they did against CMC (before he got hurt) and held Kamara in check, with the exception of a couple longer passing plays and a TD. Gordon is no Alvin Kamara. Gordon is a low end RB2 or possible Flex play to me. Montgomery is a must start again ya a putrid Atlanta Defense.