DJ Chark for Larry Fitzgerald trade dispute

There was a trade in my league, the #2 team received DJ Chark from the #8 team out of 12 teams for Larry Fitzgerald, straight up.

It was right before the trade deadline and at least two people objected to the trade and it went through. There’s more questionable behavior I won’t get into, but isnt the fact that sitting in 8th, needing to improve before the second half of the season and trading away your best player the #5WR, you got off waivers and saw their value then and carried you this far, for one of the oldest WR In the game in a much worse team situation, because of his name, a little suspicious? I mean trading away your best player for Larry fitz when you need to make moves? Even an inexperienced player would just look at points, or touch downs or anything and not do that to improve their team. It’s a paid league, random, and I think making two accounts, playing both, using both on waviers and trading your best player on your worse team to the better team at the deadline would be a pretty good way to tip the odds in their favor.

Would anybody want to be in the Larry Fitzgerald side of that trade, given those circumstances? Am I crazy to think collusion? And to think it’s crazy the commish (not a player, just overseer) wouldn’t see where I’m coming from in this?

Yeah I can see where that’s suspect. I personally am not a fan of that but unfortunately there are ignorant people. This person owns both accounts that swapped WRs?

That’s what I suspect. I don’t see any other way the #8 team makes this trade. It doesn’t help, it’s right at the deadline. Even if he’s just inexperienced, it’s obviously not an improvement, why make that trade. Anybody got a thesis besides cheating?

Could be just that, first-timer not doing their due diligence when it comes to a trade. Or maybe looking to flip Fitz as part of a package for a better player/package in return and felt they needed to trade Chark to do it. Or, could be legit user error – meant to trade the player next to Chark and hit the wrong button and wasn’t paying attention. Or, yes, could be the same owner for both teams.

We just had a second year player drop McLaurin instead of Robby Anderson. Sometimes stuff like this happens. If the owner does own both accounts and you can prove that then that would be a no go in my book. Other than that if it’s just a legit stupid trade then razz the guy so that maybe he don’t do it next time or handle it at end of season by not having one back.

But that’s the thing, he’s made moves on the waivers that show he knows more than nothing, not an ignorant first timer, picking up dj Chark in the first place, will dissly, streaming QBs, but then also had one week, week 2, where he spent all $500 FAB, $121 of which was on Andy Dalton. $211 on Darwin Thompson. I think he has two accounts, was making the big play for Darwin as their was high hopes at the beginning of the season and he was hoping to land his big waiver fish he could trade to his better account (which he got week 1 with Chark) and the Dalton play was to distract and seem stupid and new.

By the way it’s random, don’t know anybody, it’s for money, and there is a commissioner that’s not a player. I’ve tried to trade with everyone in the league all first half of the season, multiple to The team that traded Chark , never responded no interest in trades but will spend up for Dalton? Why the sudden trade interest two days before the deadline?