DJ deal 2 for 1

Standard league, I have DJ and Chase Edmonds, should I shed them now for David Montgomery and John Brown (Or Curtis Samuel)? I’d start both guys moving forward

I wouldn’t. Montgomery has had 1 good week. Who knows if that is going to continue going forward (I hope so since I have him in 2 leagues), but I wouldn’t count on it. We still don’t know how long DJ will be out, would be awful to trade him away and he comes back in the next week or 2.

Just came across that DJ will be a game time decision, so I feel like he will be a full go especially after their bye week. I definitely wouldn’t trade him now.

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I know people don’t like Monty but his schedule is juicy and the more they keep the ball out of Mitch’s hands the better. The potential of getting a Kareem Hunt type guy with Naggy is a plus. Edmonds right now is pretty much droppable so look at it as DJ for Monty and Brown/Samuel

just saw the same note about DJ practicing. I like Montgomery as a runner, but he plays for a garbage offense