DJ dislocated my entire 2017 strategy

Hey FootClan,
New listener, new member, and a newly hopeless David Johnson owner.

*Side Note: (I literally had a premonition back in July that I would get the #1 pick, that I would draft DJ, and then he would get hurt early in the season. Idk why, but I had this feeling / this thought and it totally came to fruition. FML)

So, I need help. My draft strategy this year was to get DJ, focus on upside or break-out RBs, and stack other player positions. Rather than aim for balance or risk mitigation at RB. In hindsight… yeah mistakes were made.

I’m in a 12 team, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB Flex, full PPR league that loves to stash RBs. So, waivers for RB is a wasteland.

My team:
QB - Dak Prescott
WR - Amari Cooper
WR - Demaryius Thomas
RB - Mike Gillislee
RB - Bilal Powell
FLEX - Martavis Bryant
TE - Jimmy Graham
DEF - Houston
K - Matt Prater

Bench: Jeremy Maclin, Alvin Kamara, Marvin Jones Jr., D’Onta Foreman, Javorius Allen, and David Johnson ;(

With the RBs I have (2 question marks in Powell+Allen, 2 breakout candidates in Kamara+Foreman, 1 busted DJ, and Gillislee as my RB1…eeek!)

What the heck do I do here? Is this as bad a situation as it feels?

Who should I aim to get?
Who should I unload to get them?

I would trade away graham and Allen and try for a low end rb1 or high end rb2 and find a decent te on the waiver

Ya that’s what you have to go with trade Grahame or f possible I had DJ I traded gronk and diggs. For Montgomery Blount and Henry You can find te and wr on the wire so trade away those to get that rb corps up

Shopping Graham seems smart, that actually didn’t occur to me till you mentioned it.

Would offering Dak or Bryant get me someone more juicy? i don’t like the thought of losing either and I’d have to switch to streaming a QB every week.