DJ Down - Need Help at RB

I am a sad DJ owner, and I’m now realizing that my RBs are not strong enough: Kareem Hunt, Buck Allen, Chris Johnson, Powell, Duke Johnson + D’onte formean. + My WRs are just okay Tate, Parker, Garcon, K Wright, and Maclin. I’m not too worried about my WR core I feel my top 2 are solid and Can flex Garcon almost every week. (2 Flex spots fyi). My big trading piece would be Gronk.

With all that said. I’m trying to trade Gronk for a RB or Gronk and Hunt for 2 RBs. Would you feel better about trading Gronk+Hunt for Bell+Crow (or Ty Montgomery) or Gronk straight up for Crow. Full PPR.

Thanks for the help!

I wouldn’t trade Gronk for Crow at all…

Keep Kareem he is a legit top 10 RB and even higher in PPR.

If you absolutely wanted to trade Gronk, I would target Ty Montgomery for him.

Otherwise, deal one of your receivers for an RB 2. You should maybe try getting McCaffrey, Fournette, Hyde, or Gillislee for a WR + RB combo (Depending on which one either Maclin/Tate/Parker and one of your better RB that isn’t Hunt)

I would try to do that instead of get rid of Gronk. Good Luck!