DJ for D. Adams? Help! Auto accept?!

Was offered Adams for DJ. I own WR: Julio, Golladay, J. Brown - RB’s Gordon, Conner, Chubb, DJ, Murray.

.5 ppr. Is this a auto accept??!!

Hanging with the Adams owner right now lol need to jump on this deal if the clan agrees I should!

I would do that trade. I trust Adams to score more ROS than DJ.


I feel the same…need more of a push on that trade lol. I would be relying on Conner (if Bell stays away) and Chubb as my RB2

If you make this trade; maybe make a trade for Dalvin Cook? That way you have the whole Min backfield.

Cook owner isn’t budging. I’ve tried lol

@MikeMeUpp what do you think?

Does the Adam/s owner have an RB that you like? Maybe you can trade DJ + a piece for Adams and a RB.

Breida, AP, Richard, Freeman ehhh. Maybe I’ll take Breida if offered

Would he accept DJ + j Brown for Adams and Breida? He might counter with AP though

You should take Adams for DJ.

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Thanks, he’s still considering it and wants to see what DJ does this week.