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DJ for D. Adams? Help! Auto accept?!


Was offered Adams for DJ. I own WR: Julio, Golladay, J. Brown - RB’s Gordon, Conner, Chubb, DJ, Murray.

.5 ppr. Is this a auto accept??!!


Hanging with the Adams owner right now lol need to jump on this deal if the clan agrees I should!


I would do that trade. I trust Adams to score more ROS than DJ.


I feel the same…need more of a push on that trade lol. I would be relying on Conner (if Bell stays away) and Chubb as my RB2


If you make this trade; maybe make a trade for Dalvin Cook? That way you have the whole Min backfield.


Cook owner isn’t budging. I’ve tried lol


@MikeMeUpp what do you think?


Does the Adam/s owner have an RB that you like? Maybe you can trade DJ + a piece for Adams and a RB.


Breida, AP, Richard, Freeman ehhh. Maybe I’ll take Breida if offered


Would he accept DJ + j Brown for Adams and Breida? He might counter with AP though


You should take Adams for DJ.


Thanks, he’s still considering it and wants to see what DJ does this week.