DJ for Fournette?

Full PPR, 12 team league. Ive been shopping the hell out of DJ all week but no one will bite. I’ve tried to package him to anyone who has a RB1. My question is, should I try to trade him straight up for Fournette? If not who else should I try to target or am I better off just sticking it out?

My running backs are: DJ, Sony Michel, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Breida, Royce Freeman and a flier on Ito Smith. Marshawn has a bye after this week, Breida may or may not play week 7 due to his injury and Smith is essentially a flier so I’m concerned that making a move for Fournette would leave me too thin in the short term.

What are your alls thougths??

I wouldn’t. I’d be ok losing Lynch for him though seeing how it’s PPR

Yeah I was thinking about just going with Marshawn. I’ve been trying to shop him too but no one seems interested in him or DJ.

DJ in a PPR just have to weather the storm. If you can flip Lynch for Fournette, it’s the perfect sell high/buy low deal.

Yeah I think I may be able to get Fournette for Lynch. The guy who owns him also has Kamara who is on buy, and hes starting some cruddy RB’s this week. Also is 2-3 in a hyper competitive division so he needs a win.

Fournette is going to be nice for the stretch run. Lynch at 32 isn’t someone I want to have to count on

This is tough because Fournette is accustomed to getting injured but DJ is in a TERRIBLE offense. He is just a name at this point. The FF podcast agree that DJ should definitely be shopped right now. If you could get Fournette and a WR3/Flex I would do it. Fournette straight up though, im torn because of injury.