DJ for Howard and Collins?

So I was thinking of trading for David Johnson. Is Howard and Collins too much? Too little to give up?

I don’t think there’s anyway he goes for that.

Too much. Collins had a bad week, lucky for b/c I played him, but he’s on a good offense. He has good games coming. I’ve been thinking about trading for him.

As for Howard, he’s coming off his worst game since that miserable Tampa Bay game last year where had 7 yards or whatever. I had Howard last year, and I have him this year. I’m not trading him for anything other than a top running back in return, but DJ just isn’t going to have a top year the way things are going.

Plus, Jordan Howard has an amazing schedule. He had the #1 projected easiest run schedule going into this season(fftoolbox fantasy sos). Yes those were based on last seasons performances, but the only good run defenses he plays rest of season are MIN and the Rams in week 1 of the playoffs. Start him every week no matter what, do not trade him. I traded him lasts season after Zach Miller went down because there was literally nobody else on that offense. Howard destroyed me in week 1 of the playoffs. If you can get a player in a better situation than DJ I would try that, but don’t trade Howard now, he will redeem his play from the beginning of the season. His stock is low now, if you do want to trade him then wait for a better game out of him.

Much longer response than I intended, lol. I hope it helps!