DJ for Hunt Trade

My league of record is an 8 man 0.5 ppr where there are 1-2 trades a year. People wont accept unless they feel they are fleecing the other owner. I ended up with a very deep team, especially at WR. Bench WR’s are Kupp, M. Williams, Lockett, Ridley. Also have Jimmy Graham on the bench w/ Kelce starting.

I would like to make the following trade, cash in on some of my depth and get off the wild ride in Arizona as I have little confidence even with Rosen

Give: DJ+Lockett+Graham
Get: Kareem Hunt

This is a huge overpay, but with it being an 8 man league, waiver options are plenty at WR. (I plan on picking up Boyd if its accepted) Baldwin is coming back, so Lockett’s value will likely drop soon. If you are the other owner, who is desperate for a TE and has the Green Bay stack, would you accept?

He for sure should accept it but anytime i ever get a 3for1 trade its always in my mind that i’m getting screwed. Only one way to find out though. Good luck.