DJ for Kupp Straight up?

I Have DJ was offered kupp for him straight up
also have rbs Melvin Gordon hyde lynch and clement
wr keenan allen tate boyd baldwin cobb

While it’s not a terrible offer, I still think you could get more for Johnson.

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No, this is a terrible trade offer. David Johnson is not a top 3 rb this year no, but I would be surprised if he finishes outside the top 12. You need him to start, and if you absolutely want to get rid of him get sony michel and a wr.

I have DJ and had Cooper Kupp(traded him)… I would much prefer DJ and his value should be greater. Just my thoughts.

Probably note man. As bad as DJ is, he’s still a low end RB1 which is rare and has room to improve/grow.

I believe DJ will end up scoring more points by the end of the season. I would rather have DJ

Wow I actually didn’t think it was such a bad offer. Obviously the name recognition is a bit lopsided, but Cupp has been incredible this year and VERY appealing. I’d try to counter for Cupp and another rb in return. Throw in Cobb if you have to. Or Baldwin for more name recognition and get a better rb than you would with Cobb thrown in.

This would be a great approach. If you can do like DJ + Baldwin for like Cupp + low RB1 / high RB2 (Michel for example), that would be a great trade for you. Trading away name value for production.

His Rbs are Barkley Peterson Crowell Bernard and Alf

Not going to work with those names unfortuantely. Only thing he has of value is barkley.

Ya that’s tough, he’d be taking a downgrade in both positions for DJ + Baldwin - Cupp + Barkley swap. Throw in Clement for the perceived upside right now and then ask for that trade lol. Can’t hurt to just ask.