DJ for Yeldon, Ingram? PPR

12 Team PPR

Would you move DJ for Ingram and Yeldon?

Trying to move DJ this week, want to sell him while he’s put up 2 good weeks in a row, is this too low to move him for? Just traded Crowell for Watkins in same league. Was trying to package for a Zeke, Melvin, etc. Not sure if I have the pieces to do that anymore.

RBs: DJ, Hines, Collins, Royce
WRs: Green, Kupp, Watkins, Callaway, Cole, Taywan Taylor
TEs: Gronk, Hurst (dropping Hurst back to waivers this week)

Too much? Not enough? Thoughts?

I like the trade. Because of the offenses the players are on I see DJ and Ingram finishing pretty close rest of season and Yeldon will be every week starter till Fournette is back. I would especially do this if you are a losing team because yeldon can help you get into those playoffs

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I was 0-2 to start the year now 3-2 trying to continue riding this comeback streak. Just not sure if I’m getting enough for DJ or selling too low. Thank ya!

You would receive Ingram and Yeldon? Yes , I’d take this in 2 seconds! That is great for you imo.

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was just offered the following:

Give: DJ, Royce Freeman, Dalton
Get: Michel, D. Cook, Latavius
what do you guys think of this?

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