DJ/G. Allison for Mixon/A. Robinson?

This is a full point ppr keeper league. I’m need of serious WR and RB help. Any help is much appreciated.

D. Johnson
J. Howard
K. Johnson
R. Freeman
J. Allen

J. Jones
D. Thomas
C. Godwin
G. Allison
T. Boyd
R. Anderson

I think Arizona is imploding this year. DJ will have good games, but choosing those will be hard. Mixon looks like he is coming into form as an RB1 but injury…

Robinson is clearly better than Allison imo, but the strength of offense decision makes it hard.

I think this looks like a lateral trade, probably wouldn’t take it.

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Thanks for the advice, appreciate it.

Definitely nervous with DJ

Could you get your league-mate to bite on Godwin & Allison for A Robinson?

Ya. I feel like I should keep Godwin, he has a higher ceiling than Robinson right?

Was also hoping to pair one them with DJ to try and get another RB

I actually like that trade. I feel like Allison is no better than a weekly waiver wire grab, so I almost see it as getting Mixon and Robinson for DJ which I like better than the risk of DJ. Definitely not an easy call though.

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That’s not a bad assessment. But I still see it as a bench and a starter for a bench and a lower ceiling starter


Any thoughts on DJ/Godwin for M. Ingram/W. Fuller??