DJ+Graham for Kareem Hunt

Looking to jump ship on DJ. Love the player, hate the team.

I give: DJ, Jimmy Graham

I get: Kareem Hunt

Hunt owner is desperate for a TE, I have Kelce.
Is this a realistic offer, or are ppl already too low on DJ to get this return?

I think he should be giving up 2 players to get DJ compared to you giving up 2 to get Hunt?

OK, maybe I can ask for someone like Will Fuller + Hunt to even the trade.
Having a tough time figuring out DJ’s trade value. If I can’t get a good return, will just have to hold and hope Rosen turns things around

Same. I am a DJ owner and targeting Hunt this week. Going to try and get Tate or Cobb with him.

I disagree as a DJ owner. Until there’s a QB change DJ is worthless and even with a QB change we don’t know if he’ll be anything this year. Right now he stinks, he’s Henry level bad. I’m ready to sell but i know i’ll get peanuts so i can’t.

Do i think OP is getting a good deal, heck no, if a QB change fixes DJ then it’ll be bad. but at the same time 6 losses kicks you out of playoffs in most leagues and if OP is down 2 games already i’d be selling this immediately.