DJ/Kamara Keeper Trade advice

Here’s the scenario: limited keeper league - keep up to 2 players for the cost of a round ahead of their draft position (example: if I draft someone in the 9th, I keep them next year for an 8th).

Trade offer:
Give: D Johnson + 1st rounder
Get: Kamara + 10th round pick

The reason I’m considering it is Kamara can be kept for a 14th rounder next season. He must go back into the free agent pool the following season.

I actually like DJ’s schedule moving forward though, but obviously Kamara is on the way better team although Ingram’s return is a nuisance. Although I figure he’ll be out of NO next season. My other keeper is Thielen (kept next year for an 8th), which is why I think I can do without a first rounder with those two guys kept for so cheap.


Bumping for help… I’m torn



Yeah. Kamara for sure. Kamara would be your 1st rounder next year anyways and then year after you get 1st round value for a 14th round keeper. This is a no brainer for me.

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Only downside is that I might eat it this week since Kamara is on bye and my other RBs are Coleman/D Lewis/T Cohen. Luckily my WRs are good.