DJ + Kupp for Hyde+C.Davis?

I want to get rid of DJ to get someone more productive as I’m already 1-2 now…

Is this a fair trade? I felt like offering Kupp would help the trade

I wouldn’t do this. You saw points from DJ this week, and they are moving to Rosen, which is worth waiting to see what he does. Kupp is a productive receiver and Davis not so much. Titans offense just doesn’t look good. Hyde is looking great, but DJ didn’t become a bad player he just needs opportunity.

I’m just not feeling it with DJ, and looking for someone who can be consistently productive

Then I would go after someone much better than Davis. You’re giving a top 3 overall pick away.

How about DJ for Jordan Reed?

No. This is absolutely terrible for you.

This is a sideways trade. Terrible. Trade DJ yes but his name alone can get u an ajayi or someone such as maybe a Lindsay and a thielen in return. U can get some good start worth guys for DJ who’s looking like a bust.