DJ, Luck & Martin - Burning 3 Bench Spots

10-Team League. Is it safe to drop Luck at this point though I have Dak. Some available on waivers are:

R. Kelley
A. Kamara
Marquise Lee
Chris Carson
Duke Johnson
Jordan Matthews

That’s tough. The team is bad so when Luck comes back he will get a ton of garbage time points (think of him a Blake Bortles but can throw a football!!).

With that being said. You have Dak who should be good all year and your can probably dump luck for Rob or Kamara (if PPR)

I agree you prob don’t need luck. DJ’s chances for return are slim so he can be dropped as well. But Kamara’s the only one worth dropping those guys for if your team is fine otherwise. Lee is a maybe if you need WR.