DJ + McLauren for Bell

12 team PPR

Bell owner has Coleman and Michel at QB - that’s it.

WR he’s got Cooper, OBJ, Edelman, Shepard, DJax.

I’m looking to dump DJ and Terry, I believe they’re lost causes ROS and trying to get value on them while I can. Is this a decent move for Bell?

Doubt you get it with DJ being hurt but you can try. Really doubt he’s willing to part with Bell for an injured RB which will leave him really thin there.

I’ve also got Howard, Monty, and Hyde to offer. Along with Tate and Green at WR

You could try Monty and McLaurin since Monty just had a huge guy, but none of those guys would excite me if I was the Bell owner. If you are friends with him you could ask him which of those RB’s he likes the most between DJ, Monty, Howard, and Hyde, and try to build around that. I think Green’s value just took a huge hit with them benching Dalton.

Yeah I’m trying to use Howard’s and Monty’s recent success to buy in on guys with down games, specifically Bell and Jacobs (two different owners).

Terry I also want to dump, I don’t see his ROS going well (plus I’ve got Julio, Evans, and Dede so I’m feeling fine there)