DJ.moore and and pick 18 for 1.07 James Washington and Ronald jones

12 team league. Think I have the 3th hest roster on the league. DJ Moore is 4th wr so on my bench untill injury, bye or breakout.

A.brown, Diggs and Keenan Allen in front of him.
What you guys think

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Yes, I absolutely would do this! There’s some gamble with Jones and Washington having not yet shown anything on the field, but both are getting enough positive buzz to think that at least one alone will cover the value of the 18th pick (with interest).

Then, if you just weigh DJ Moore versus the 7th pick, I feel confident that someone worthy will fall to at least make it near even. I landed David Montgomery with the 1.07 in my league. Perhaps Miles Sanders falls instead, or (at the very least) Mecole Hardman or DK Metcalf.

Will say, though, that if you do this move, definitely try and snag Diontae Johnson with a late 2nd or early 3rd, as well as Bruce Anderson as a UDFA. That way you have some insurance in case things don’t pick up for Washington or Jones.

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I dont expert either Sanders or montgomery still being available en Metcalf neither. Kinda know what the guys in front of the 1.07 are doing.

The point that make at the end that if I do that I should take Bruce and diontae is allot of bench space en draft Capitol for guys who aren’t even sure of a solid production. If I do that I have to take them with my 14 and 23th pick. With 14 I rather take justice hill or whiteside.

Thanks for your input

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Bruce Anderson is mostly irrelevant, for sure, but I would absolutely try and get Diontae Johnson!

The buzz around him from coaches and from teams who were upset he didn’t fall is real. The Steelers GM said they had a first-round grade on him, which I fully believe. And the Steelers have a very long and consistent history of hitting with their WRs.

Trust me – he’s a guy that if you pass up, you will regret. His value is a hundred times cheaper than it will be in the future. He was drafted to be the next Antonio Brown. Not saying he will, obviously, but I’m certain he’ll be something.

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Please get that. Washington could be DOPE!* And Jones could be relevant. I’m still not sold on Newton’s ability to throw, though he has vastly improved.

*Disclaimer: Washington could be dope this year, but I expect him to be very relevant by at least 2020.

Truer words have never been spoken. I don’t know how many blood offerings their scouts have made, but their WR’s tend to have great potential.

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Ow I understand and iam aware of the steeler track record. That is the only reason I even consider the trade. But my only thing is draft Capitol. The players I mentioned are both great players with not for now but for 2020 and beyond. I do believe in Thompson.

But its gets me doubting again cause I think Thompson will be there in the 3th

Ps: Thompson being the replacement of brown? Shouldn’t that be Washington.

How long doe you guys think Ben plays

That’s hard to predict. Big Ben’s knees could turn into chalk dust at any point. If Washington gets even just one good year with that QB, his value will be huge going forward. I’m trying to get Washington in both my dynasty leagues and I will draft him 10th round or later in full PPR redraft.

As the resident Jones hater (i think he’s trash and not made for NFL, he’s like reggie bush but not as electric and can’t catch passes so basically useless), I think this deal is still pretty close and might even favor the ROJO side. However, I Personally i prefer DJ Moore side because I think his value has more opportunity to appreciate and in this years class, anything after the 1.05 is a total shit show. I get the james washington hype but he still hasn’t shown anything yet so thats another risk. I think DJ Moore could be a golden tate which is pretty damn valuable in dynasty and with the 18th pick which is basically 2.06, there’s still a decent dart to throw I’d rahter have over Rojo.

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Thanks guys for the useful information.

I decided that I am keeping Moore. At least for not sell him this low. I am also pretty high on him. But sometimes just sometimes a 3 to 1 sounds to good to pass.

What you guys think about Moore vs Ridley