Dj Moore drop

I had Moore as a late round guy, would it be reasonable to drop him to grab enunwa or Lindsay? I have wr depth so he’s likely a deep flex anyway

I’m dropping Moore this week. I’m picking up, either Tyler Locket or Brandon Marshall, Geronimo Allison, Cortland Sutton. Enunwa will be great if Kearse is gonna miss more games. Phillip Dorsett might be worth it too. Ryan Grant from the Colts had 9 targets and 8 catches. Probably all of these are better than Moore currently


So how do you rank those guys?

I actually think Kearse has an impact, with Anderson also there it raises some concern about his share.
Allison its sweet but they have Adams and Cobb, kind of a similar situation with a way better qb and team lol

If I had to rank:
Lockett (though unavailable in my leagues)

Even with Cobb, Adams, Jimmy G, and whoever else there, Allison had 8 targets as the 3rd WR on the depth chart. He’s also like 6’3 or something. Plus you gotta always remember who the QB is for a team. Enunwa plays 3 tough defenses in weeks 3-5.

Enunwa if Kearse unhealthy
Brandon Marshall
Dorsett (Corey Coleman just got signed their and Hogan had a bad week. but dorsett could be fine)/Enunwa if Kearse is healthy

Mike Williams might be another name to look at too. I just think Aaron throwing the ball, and spreading it, Allison will always have a chance to impact. My goal is that I will be able to pick up Tyler Lockett, Geronimo and Sutton. And it looks like I will be able to. Marshall will probably get TD’s a plentiful. Sutton is more of just wait till Sanders or Thomas gets hurt, but he did get 5 targets.

I feel that, and you think Enunwa over Anderson, I actually have him in one league and I might drop him altogether

Shoot i don’t know. Anderson is apparently more talented and can just score on any given day. We just to have to see how this plays out. But he only had one target

I’m dropping him for sure. He did nothing and i can’t sit to see if he suddenly decides he wants to play. if suddenly he shows up i can always try and re-add.

I’d def drop Moore for any of those guys mentioned.