DJ Moore for Diontae Johnson?

PPR redraft.

Who do you like ROS?

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I suspect I might be in minority, but Moore. When in doubt I tend to side with guy with largest sample size. Probably not hugely helpful analysis

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I’m leaning toward agreeing. I only wonder because Johnson plays in a much better offense.

Yes it’s definitely a better offense. It’s really just a question how high in the food chain he is. Ben can absolutely support 2 wr as he’s proven that, three I’m not sure can be reliable

Right now JuJu seems to be the odd man out.

Tough call, Moore isn’t having as bad of a season as it has felt like he’s had. If he starts finding the end zone he could be a league winner down the road.

Personally I think Dionte smells blood and has an opportunity to establish as WR1 in Pitt. If that happens he’s fantasy gold. That said, Moore has already done it and Johnson is a full lap behind Claypool in the WR1 race in Pitt. I’ll take Moore.

Definitely seems biased after the weekend games, but DJM for me. I like Diontae and it’s clear they want to feature him more, but his injury frequency is piling up. I see a strong connection and think that his role with PIT is a good one, but I see DJM starting to gel with TeddyB and while Anderson has stolen some looks, I feel DJM is a weapon they are still looking to unlock. While he (prior to Sunday) was light in the TD column, his yards and targets were looking pretty steady. If he’d hit 7 more yards in now 3 straight games to get that 100+ yard bonus not many would be worried.

I see good days ahead for DJM and I think I’d rather hold him.

This isn’t easy. When faced with ta question like this, I would say go with your gut. Johnson now has this lingering injury. Moore has been seeing targets. I would go Moore, but I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. No one can predict the future. Best of luck