DJ Moore for Swift?

10-team Standard

My team:
M. Davis
Aj Brown
DJ Moore

My RB2 is weaker than id like it to be but Moore fell to the 6th round and couldn’t pass up on him and I feel like this would be a sideways trade for my flex spot. If I trade away Moore my WR core is going to take a big hit because of all the RBs on my bench.
Let me know please.

If it was PPR, it might be a lateral trade, but in standard, I think it’s a downgrade.

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Much appreciated!

I think this is a huge win for you. In standard RB’s are like gold

With such a short bench, I think you should try to move Gronk. You’re never going to play him until Kittle is on bye.

Then try to find someone who could crack your starting lineup on the waiver wire to replace Pollard. Short benches aren’t good for handcuffs especially at this point in the season.

I’m indifferent to the DJ Moore / Swift trade. Too early to tell.

Thanks for the input, i dropped pollard for mark ingram and i am looking to trade gronk but nobody seems to want him or trust him haha

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