DJ Moore + Malcolm Brown = Thielen?


I was offered Thielen for DJ Moore and Malcolm Brown.

I’ve been shopping around to make a 2 for 1 trade happen before tomorrow so I don’t need to drop anyone for a Kicker, and this proposal came up. I’m considering it but am I just being blinded by Thielen’s 2 TD performance? Moore only had 4 for 54 but also had 9 targets. I’m not sure how I feel about Brown, he could continue dominating that backfield or he could be rendered useless by another hot hand. I’m still sitting pretty at RB with CEH, Jacobs, Mixon, J Robinson, and J White if I make a trade happen… If I can’t make a trade then I’m dropping James White for my K tomorrow. Full context, my other WRs are Ridley, McLaurin, Gallup, and Dionte J.

This is a 10 team Keeper league where Jacobs and Mixon were my Keepers in case you were wondering.

Any Thoughts?

The keeper situation changes it a little but I’d absolutely rather have Thielen. I think malcolm brown will begin to ease out of being the number 1 rb on rams and more towards a timeshare nobody can trust within a few weeks

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Yeah I don’t have long term faith in Brown’s value. This is more of a Thielen vs Moore Rest of Season question. To make the argument in favor of Moore, he actually had 1 more target than Thielen. Thielen got the 2 TDs and if you take TDs out of the equation, they had basically identical fantasy days. Moore was also seeing his first live action with a new QB while Thielen has been Cousins’ favorite target for years now. Thielen has also shown a great inability to stay healthy and produce consistent elite numbers for an entire season. Even the year he was shattering every per game record for half the year, he got shaken up towards the middle of the season and straight up tanked rosters and single-handedly lost people their fantasy playoffs. I’m just wary of these big blow-up games from him.

All of that to say, I do feel like he’s a potential small upgrade over Moore (I wouldn’t be considering the trade if he wasn’t), but this isn’t a “no brainer” to me in any way.

One for one i would want Thielen but it’s personal preference. Both are on rb dominated teams but I think Carolina the go to when behind remains mccaffrey whereas I think if down minnesota looks to Thielen.