DJ Moore or Jefferson ROS

Who would you rather roster for ROS? I have more currently and thinking of swapping him for Jefferson.

Curious what people think on this as well, as i also have Moore. I think i lean Moore because Vikings could be playing with the idea of going full-tank mode, as they are too far out of there division to stay in it. If Cousins were to somehow get benched in favor of a backup/rookie, i would think jefferson’s value goes way down.

Moore on the other hand, while having a couple of down games, has been relatively consistent and the Panthers think they have there QB, they could be gunning for wins and trying to establish a culture

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I think I’d take Jefferson… I think Jefferson is target 2A (Thielen, then JJ & Cook). DJ is clearly the third (CMC, Robby). Jefferson has established as just a solid WR. DJ on the other hand is pretty much a downfield threat (at least to Teddy).