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DJ Moore undrafted in 12 man


Should I drop Yeldon and grab Dj Moore?
Yeldon would likely never start for me. Zeke, CMC, D. Lewis, Clement, Lat Murray


I would do that asap



Also, Corey Grant will be splitting with Yeldon if Fournette goes down. Definitely do it IMO.


I guess I didn’t need to mention that I have Baldwin who may not play, and Alshon. Haha


I’m not sure how he goes undrafted in a 12 team league anyway, but I would grab him while you still can


I had him marked off my sheet because I thought someone else picked him up. I would have grabbed him in the 15th if I knew he was still there!


Next question is should I use my waiver claim on him or chance it for an add drop


Agree, do it asap