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DJ, Murray, Baldwin, Woodhead, Wilson... 0-2 Need some help Foot Clan


Hey Foot Clan, need to be talked off the ledge in this league. Been scrambling since week 1 and now have a ton of middle of the road players and feel that I need to make some moves to get some wins in the next few weeks. Who do you think I can package together and target to upgrade any and all aspects of the team. Thanks!

Wilson & Rivers

Buck Allen
Quizz Rodgers
Mark Ingram
D. Henry
Doug Martin and Woodhead out

DaVante Adams & Parker
(JJ Nelson on waivers - but who would I drop?)

Picked up Witten

Having a hard time getting anyone to bite on a pairing of these middle of the road players for any upgrades. Any and all thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!


i actually like your team… i think you try a 2 RB’s for 1 WR trade and pik up JJ Nelson with that extra spot. Your WR is the part you need to focus but i think Baldwin will come along (I also have him, praying that he becomes the beast i know he is) I also like parker as the season goes on.


What do you think of the trade below @LuccasG?

J. Rodgers


D. Thomas
J. Charles (I think its only a matter of time before CJ goes down)

I also offered to throw in Doug Martin if he added Chris Johnson
Historically looking at the TB RBs they were extremely TD dependent and i’m looking to clear bench space plus like the upside of Chris Johnson after how bad Williams looked


i like that trade. lets see if anyone else says anytihng…(the thing with DJ is that you dont know if he will be back 100% i also own DJ and Martin)


Hold onto Martin. He could be a league winner.