DJ or a CMC Trade...HELP

Hey guys,

I have a buddy that wants DJ or CMC.

What he offered in return:
Edelman and Tevin Coleman for DJ
Edelman and Mark Ingram for CMC

Are any of these fair? Im sitting at the top half of my league by a hair and need to pull off more wins.
Mind you that I need to really spread my roster and desperately need help at WR (WR1 is Tyreek Hill WR2 Allen Robinson, Geronimo Djax, and Amari on the bench)

I personally think you could get more for either one of them. Depending on what the rest of your roster looks like, you could try and flip one straight up for a WR1

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Thanks, unfortuntely, this would leave a hole in RB if I trade for just a WR1. Would you suggest getting a better receiver from him? I see that he has Ty Hilton so maybe I can suggest him instead of edelman?

If he goes for it then yes see if you can get Hilton and an Ingram/Coleman for one of them, but I doubt he’d go for it.