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DJ or Bell in 1st, Zeke in 2nd? AUTO WIN?


I feel like if you went Bell or DJ in the 1st and got Zeke in the 2nd and made it to the playoffs you auto win. I’ve done this on a few 12 Man mock drafts and ended up with similar to this.
1st (DJ/Bell)
2nd (Zeke)
3rd ( Lynch/Miller/Crow)
4th (Robinson)
5th (Crabtree)

What do you guys think of this strategy if you draft from the 1 or 2 spot?


zeke in the 2nd round way to eariy for someone who will not play until week 8 , giving a 2nd round pick for that


you’re talking about a late 2nd round pick though DJ and Bell are the 1st and 2nd that means you getting zeke with the 23rd or 24th at that point that’s almost a 3rd round. I’m sure you can survive 8 weeks with that team and then completely dominate afterwards


That strategy leaves you with arob as your number 1. Sure, playoff push you will have a monster of a run game, but befoee thar you will be relying on average wr play to take you there.


The comparable wr1 in the late 2nd would be Cook, Pryor, Thomas, Jeffery ?? Arob would already be my wr1 without picking zeke…


I like it other than the 3rd round pick, plus I doubt in a league with knowledge that Crabtree will fall to the 5th too. I would look D Thomas 3rd round


yes i know, but wouldnt you rather take crabtree in the 4th, and reach for a golden tate in the fifth? that gives you a much safer more reliable floor to work with. or hell even taking tyreek hill in the fourth and then crabtree, or reverse that. get your boom WR in hill to carry you in a few games, and your consistant player in crabtree. but arob as your number 1? just makes me feel dirty. they wont use him as much as they have been. they want to go to the run game pretty bad. so i baypass him for someone else. just imo.