DJ or Damien Williams full ppr?

As the title says, who should I roll out? DJ will likely be playing in a losing script but he still gets his touches in the passing game no matter the score. Chase Edmonds is playing a little more than I’d like though. Williams looked good last week and there’s no reason to assume he won’t get the same opportunity to lead the backfired against Seattle. Having a hard time making this call any help is greatly appreciated.

Think you just answered your question. I’m playing Williams.
He will have the opportunity and be the lead back if Ware is out- and it looks like he will be.

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona gets shut out.

Williams. Easy

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Roll Williams

Thanks fellas. I ended up benching DJ for DW and boy am I glad I did. I’m up 41 and my opponent has Hamilton tonight. Fingers crossed!