DJ or Hunt ROS

I am still worried about the Zona offence while KC is firing on all cylinders. Opponent is desperate for TE, and I have the HOU stack

Give: DJ+Lockett+Graham

Am I giving enough value?

I think DJ might have the better ROS to be honest, but it’s still speculation. Hunt has proven he can be an elite RB but i don’t know that the team cares to use half of those plays until playoffs. They can easily bomb it all day to Kelce, Watkins, and Tyreek and get to playoffs. Additionally, and maybe this is just my optimism as a DJ owner, but i feel like the switch to Rosen is going to open that offense up a bit more. yes AZ’s coordinator sucks but there’s also got to be a point where 1, he fixes it or gets canned, and 2 where rosen still goes to his best options regardless of the original play call. I think week 4 will give us that indication on whether or not DJ is the man, but i’m sure your trade is a take it now or never.

I haven’t followed Graham to know if he really has value, but since i haven’t heard his name constantly i’d assume Hunt +Fuller is the safer option. But then again DJ can be top 5 and Lockett has scored a lot.

My thought is, what if Rosen takes a while to produce and DJ’s value dips again like last week. I have Kelce, Watkins so adding another piece of the KC offence seems like a good move. Some things to think about. Thanks for your input

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My argument is that it’s never advised to have too many parts of 1 offense because you can lose when a bad game happens. Case in point I made the championship DJ’s rookie year. I had Carson, DJ, and Arizona’s kicker. Then GB got blown out so bad they benched Palmer and DJ before the end of the third. I lost by 5 points.

Will i have made the championship without those guys, maybe not. But being in the championship i lost because i had too much riding on one team.