DJ owner here... trade help

It’s 12 team PPR league. My other rbs are Miller, CJ, Riddick, Coleman, and Jstew.

I give Gronk and Riddick

I get Gordon or Ajayi and Ertz. Or

I get Kelce and Cook.

Or should I just try to trade for Cook alone and hold gronk. Also stick with Bradford or trade for Cousins.


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Trade for Cook, keep Gronk. Cook did not impress me with his athleticism as much as he did with his vision. They guy did not miss a gap all game. He seems very reliable to me so long as he doesn’t keep dropping passes.

Stick with Bradford on the other side, he has a lot of weapons this year.

What will you have to give up for Cook?


Trying to figure that out still. But I think the guy is looking for a package with Miller. Which I don’t mind.


I am in Houston, Miller will lose the work up the middle. I’d go Miller/Riddick for Cook, thoughts?

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That’s what I’m afraid of him losing the job. I would do that. Just not to sure about giving up two rbs. But I guess that would be better instead of potentially having a committe in hou.

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Miller/Riddick for cook :ok_hand::+1:

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