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DJ owner wants Cohen, trade help


The DJ owner is hitting me up hard for Cohen. I got sent the offer of Cohen, Maclin, and Riddick for Amari Cooper, Rawls, and Kenny Stills. This is a 1pt PPR league so I’d sort of like to hang on to Riddick. You think a response of Cohen + Maclin for Cooper is bad offer?

My roster: RB: Crow, Powell, Tevin Coleman, Riddick, Martin, Kamara, Cohen
WR: Julio, Hilton, Snead, Maclin, Marvin Jones

His roster: RB: Ingram, James White, Rawls, Buck Allen
WR: Cooper, Dez, Thielen, Corey Coleman, Stills


I think your counter would be a good trade offer. since he needs RB and you could use a better WR plus that would free up a spot on your bench.


I like the counter. The upside for you is you know exactly what your getting with Cooper, he’s on a great offense, is going to get targets, and if their first game was any indication, is going to get more red zone looks than he has in the past. We have one game of Cohen. Yes, that game was pretty damn good, but he still plays for the bears and is at this point a number 2 to Howard.


Well he countered with Cohen + Maclin for Dez. While I’m not super high on Dez this year and I know he plays Denver, so his value may drop even more this week. But Cohen could poop this big boy pants and then there’s no way I could get this trade done. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on that offer and roll with Dez and Julio as my WRs.


I have the same WR plus Fitz. I am hoping they stop pooping their pants.