DJ panic level?

As the Kerryon AND David Johnson owner I’m borderline freaking out because of DJs injury status. Do I trade him away for a lesser tier Reciever? Should I try and pair him with Thielen and try to get somebody else?

Pair him with theilen and get Chubb zeke or bell

I share your feelings. A rough hand has been dealt to you mid-season.

Redraft or dynasty? Are you a contender? Starting lineup requirement?

What other RBs are on your roster?

It’s a redraft league, and I’m in contention. Not thetop guy, but the next level down. As for RBs I have now DJ,Carson,Coleman, and KJ on IR. WRs I have Thielen,Kupp,Samuel,Stills,Watkins,Meyers and Mike Williams. It’s a 2 WR 2 RB and a flex league

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I would be keeping DJ in your case. Carson and Coleman as starting RBs is not the worst.


echo what willis said, think youre good having carson and coleman as your RB1 and 2 until DJ is fully back.

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Red Alert!

Does that change your stance of hold him?

Have to hold. No one will trade anything for him now.

Dude in last place has Gordon and Ekeler, I was considering floating DJ and maybe like Mike Williams for the duo but would that be too much is the problem

I would likely make that pivot. But it’s early. DJ is not even ruled out this week.

All depends on your risk tolerance.

Tell you what, risk isn’t the part that scares me. It’s holding too long and getting burnt. I do feel like losing KJ is really fueling this panic. And thank you for sticking it out with me man

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Pair him with thielen and try to upgrade at either position. It will help if you have Edmonds.

Figure out a way to get Ekeler and I think you are good at RB. IMHO you are not going to get a stud RB in return even with Thielen. DJ is too volatile right now. Try to pay a minimum and not gut your WR in the process. I would move Samuel for Ekeler and your WR still looks good. If you can get him to bite on M Williams even better, but doubtful.

Now, the tricky part of acquiring JUST Ekeler is that I just traded him to the guy a couple weeks back (for Ertz) when I was stable at RB. Couples weeks and some weak knees later on and my how things change