DJ,Royce,Dalton for Michel, Dalvin, Latavius PPR

I for one am very worried about Dalvin personally, but was just offered this trade for my DJ & Co.:

12 Team PPR
Give: DJ, Royce Freeman, Dalton
Get: Michel, Cook, Latavius

My QB is Mahomes, 1 QB League.

Would you do this? Love Michel, but Cook does worry me. Freeman worries me much more, and I don’t even need Dalton realistically until bye week for Mahomes, so he’s an easy trade for me.


My RBs: DJ, Hines, Collins, Freeman

I would do this trade. Dalton is a solid streaming qb with good schedule ,but his trade value is pretty much irrelevant to this situation. I think DJ is still the best back in this group, but Michel and Cook are both not far behind him when healthy. Cook carries risk for sure, but the upside he has over royce freeman makes it worth it to me.

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that’s sorta how im leaning as well, but i just don’t want to give up dj for nothing and i might be overthinking it.

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any more thoughts/feedback out there?

Yeahhhhhh I wouldn’t do it. Cook and Murray are a problem that I want someone else to have. See if you can find a better offer. I’m looking at this trade as DJ for michel and I don’t want it.

i have low hopes for DJ mostly, but still think he can put up 20 points regularly if he gets the ball enough.

i worry a lot abt dalvin and latavius now. the vikings can put up any amount of points without even having a starting RB, apparently. that’s kind of cousins’ thing, too. i’m not sure that will change much as the season continue unless diggs or thielen gets injured.

still, it’s great to get Michel, and the conservative/wise thing to do is probably taking this trade, unless you can use it to shop DJ to other teams before you execute (without losing the offer, which I doubt you would). DJ has a terrible matchup vs. the Vikings in Minnesota with the team coming off a great victory in Philly and particularly a strong defensive showing. they might shut down DJ completely next week and make his value plummet…

AZ also has the worst run defense in the league, or one of the bottom 5, so the Vikings are gonna be using murray/cook, whoever is healthy, a lot, in all likelihood. you should get immediate results from this trade and hopefully that will spark either or both of them to pick up their game and start playing like professionals.

feels like you are selling at a good time and buying at a good time on both sides of this trade. my instinct would be taking it. and no, you don’t need Dalton with Mahomes already.

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I would see if he would take out Latavius and Royce and do that trade. But I would probably still lean yes on this trade.

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DJ’s schedule post week 6 gets a lot better (den,sf,bye,kc,oak,lac) but at 3-2 i think i need to win week by week more so. i just worry about exactly what you said, dalvins injuries and the vikings seemingly being able to do whatever they want in the passing game without having any threat of a running attack whatsoever. michel i obviously love but i just can’t tell if im selling too low on dj. he’s not getting the numbers you would expect from your #2 overall pick but 17,5,16,18,20 isn’t awful and is consistent given that the 5 was vs LAR. is it crazy that i think i should be getting more, or at least getting less questionable players a la latavius and dalvin?

no, it’s not crazy at all. and yeah i mean, it’s not something you’re getting excited over so maybe you should just look for something else and then come back and reconsider. don’t do anything that feels impulsive. that’s the stuff you’ll kick yourself for all season long if it doesn’t work. and just remember there’s always someone on the other side of a trade thinking trying to win on value of what they receive, too. most people don’t trade in a way mean to help both sides genuinely. or at least, they want to help themselves a lot more than the other party…so maybe the other guy has something better than Cook that he can offer? you have the leverage here and by far the better story/argument for each player with Dj’s increasing scores, Dalton’s consistent multi TD games and Mixon back, and Freeman developing consistently. i’d be curious to hear what else this guy has to offer

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and also, it’s not something that’s potentially like soooo good that you’d kick yourself for not taking it immediately or anything. just based on this discussion and your reaction to it. it may well be good, but it’s only tuesday after all. give it a bit __

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This is all very true. I’m going to sit on it for a bit before making a final decision decline/accept

the rest of the other guy’s team:

RBs: Michel, Dalvin, Latavius, Hunt, and Tevin Coleman
WRs: Baldwin, Landry, Shepard, Goodwin, John Ross, Quincy, Dorsett

His TE is Rudolph, my TE is Gronk.

Do I try Gronk and DJ for Michel, Hunt, Rudolph? Or do I hold onto Gronk and forget that idea. I don’t think I’d be able to get more than what he’s offering right now for DJ and Royce and Dalton

can you ask for michel and Hunt? rather than the dalvin /latavius combo?

I can try but I would assume he’s just as nervous about dalvin and why he’s willing to include that combo over hunt. i’m going to try for that though and see how it goes, possibly kick in someone else as well in order to get hunt.

he rejected a deal of
Hunt, Michel
DJ, Royce, Dalton, Keelan

don’t totally blame him, was worth the shot. idk if gronk, dj, dalton for michel hunt rudolph and could possibly ask for tevin as well, is too much to ask/too much to give

bumping for possible more feedback given the activity on the boards right now

Would you do it if it were Dalvin, Michel, Tevin for DJ, Royce, Dalton? Is that a better offer than with Latavius?

And he also just offered to remove Royce from the original deal so it’s DJ and Dalton for Cook, Latavius, Michel