DJ & Sony or Julio and Jacobs? WHIR

I get DJ & Sony and give Julio & Jacobs. .5pt PPR 12-team. I’d be left a little thin at WR (Kupp, Marvin Jones, Samuel, Landry) but stacked at RB (Zeke, DJ, Sony, Montgomery, Shady). Advice is appreciated! Link your questions

I would pass personally

I would pass. You dont need an additional RB

Can you start 4 RBs? If you can I would pull trigger.

Sony > Jacobs for me

JJ > DJ but only slightly.

You can then turn this around by taking Monty for who the hype is totally out of control for and target a Lockett/Boyd/Moore and probably get something else in return. Could even use McCoy.

In Redraft, you can never have enough RBs. Injuries will find you or someone else and when they do, you can easily flip your RB for great WRs.

It really comes down to how much an upgrade Sony is over Jacobs. Don’t think it will be as big as Julio over Kupp. Plus Kupp is coming off the achilles, what if he gets hurt again? Then you’re running Jones or Samuel out there as you’re 1 when they’re W2s at best.

Yeah but you need to look at the team as a whole. He’ll be starting DJ in his RB2 when others are starting guys like Henry. Then he’ll be starting Sony in his Flex when other guys will be starting guys like Ekeler.

Also you can always make other trades. I.e. take montgomery and flip him into Lockett.

Give me Zeke, DJ, Sony, Lockett, Samuels over Zeke, Jacobs, Montgomery, Julio, Samuels all day.

If that’s David Montogmery. I assumed it was Ty given his other RBs (Jacobs and David were going in the same range). No one’s giving you Lockett for Ty.

Ah good call. If it’s Ty Montgomery than yeah you have a problem. I assumed it was David. No body refers to Ty Montgomery simply as “Montgomery” these days if ever. He’s always been TyMont