DJ / Theilen Trade Help

Half Point PPR

My DJ & Keenan Allen for his Theilen & James White? I really like it, am I wrong?

That’s close. Names aside i like it, i guess it falls down to if you think White can maintain his production and Michel doesn’t take too much of the NE backfield to impact White. Half PPR helps but if Allen gets going and he is a second half of the season type of guy and DJ stays solid and maybe gets better you could regret it.

What’s the rest of you team and trade parties team? Also you situation - you have DJ/Allen do you need the wins now or have you weathered their slow starts well enough?

I’m 2-3 right now. White is the only piece that makes me nervous.

I traded Howard & Agholor for Brown a couple weeks ago.

Well you do have good RB depth and James White certainly wont hinder you right now, even if he tails off and that’s a big if as the Pats only have two RBs instead of the usual squadron they rotate so he will have to be hurt to miss out on work i think. Also one bad fumble from Michel and he could be even more valuable for a week or two. I’d do it if he has no other RBs you could realistically ask for back?

He’s got Howard but I don’t really want to ask for him back since I have traded him. He had Ajayi and has Fournette.

That’s fair and i’d have Howard and White similar to be honest as it’s half PPR no reason both can’t be solid RB2’s ROS but i like White’s chances to score more than Howard’s.

It’s not a bad trade man tough to have to give Allen but you get the better WR back and a useful RB back as well. Again it’s not lock that DJ doesn’t end up missing the RB1 cut off this year too. At 2-3 you need the wins and AT/JW give you the best shot right now and the uncertainty of DJ and waiting on Allen to boom isn’t the worst thing to trade away

Thanks man

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