DJ Tilt. Do I trade for Bell?

Im 1-1 and worried DJ isnt going to help me get through the thick of it. Do I trade him for Bell?

12 team half point.

My other RB’s: Gurley, Buck allen, penny, Kerryon. waivers are a ghost town for RB’s

Im in the same boat, but full ppr…kinda like to know everyone’s thoughts as well

No. If you had conner and the trade was locking up Steelers backfield it makes sense. But if you trade DJ you’re basically down to Gurley + whomever until like week 10 if bell sits that long, and he might. DJ just needs Bradford benched and that might happen.

How do you all wind up with both Gurley and DJ even in a keeper league? I wish I had those two. I’m stuck with Le’veon and Devonta Freeman. I’d hang on to DJ and leave Bell alone because DJ is at least playing. I’d wager the Cardinals offense improves before Le’veon Bell comes back.

No way. Hold on to DJ who actually presents value for the near future. The Cards have said they will utilize him in the passing game more this week and I believe they will. NFL coaches are not stupid, but they may be stubborn. I think the Cards had an idea of what they wanted to do this year but after the first two weeks, they know what they have, which is just DJ. They are going to do everything they can to get him the ball.

There is no guarantee Lev will be back before Week 10, and I firmly believe that when he does come back the Steelers are going to be hesitant to give him the ball. He is going to be months removed from carrying the ball on an NFL field, his teammates have openly criticized him and he has shown no desire to do anything for the Steelers this season. I don’t think it’s a guarantee he plays when he returns. If you were Tomlin would you want someone who has no desire to play for you to be your bellcow back?

Your team is fine, just wait it out on DJ. I think he will rebound.

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Thanx all.
Guess, I just need verification I was doing the right thing by holding on to him.

My Backs are currently Lynch, R. Freeman, Lewis, Buck Allen, along with DJ
I didn’t have Gurley

It’s not hard to believe, could be one keeper & they had a high pick in this year’s draft (I’m in a league where one team’s got Gurley-Kamara).

But to answer the question, you’re worried that DJ won’t help you get through the thick of it and are considering trading him for a guy who you have no idea when he’ll be back. Sure, all things equal I would take Bell over DJ, but Lev Bell isn’t doing anything for you when he’s not back with the team. My suggestion would be to hold Gurley & DJ for now. DJ’s had a bad first two weeks, with one of them against what looks like a top 2-3 defense in the league. DJ isn’t returning on his draft price right now, but I think in the long run you’ll be fine. He gets enough volume that even when he shits the bed he’ll still give you 60+/- yards rushing/receiving.

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agreed. I have a league where an owner last year had Gurley, Bell, and Kamara and could only keep 1 this year. unfortunately due to not being forced to keep someone we have a bonus round 1 that balances where top RBs who get dropped go. I kept Hopkins and then re-snagged Gordon.

3 keeper league. For year they are drafted plus 3 years.

Yeah, I see. I get the appeal of keeper leagues because it gets players invested in specific players longterm. But this is why I don’t like them. Someone can get lucky one year and pick up players like Gurley, DJ, and Kamara and ride them longterm. There is something appealing about having every team start fresh each year and make all the studs available.