DJ Tonight

Hey guys, what is you feeling about DJ tonight in a low O/U game? Do I play him over Thielen or Godwin. I have Thielen in my line up right now but might switch to Godwin if AB is out. Or, at 2-0, do I “ride the snake” with Rondale?

Bump, need thoughts.

I think Godwin is the best option of the three especially with AB likely out. Thielen and DJ are fairly comparable but I think DJ should still be in the lineup in hopes that he stays hot. Do you really have any better options to start at the flex than DJ/Thielen?

It’s my WR2, K. Allen is my WR1, Ekeler is in my flex. I have Godwin, Thielen, DJ, AB, Rondale to choose from for the one spot.

Id be going Godwin with AB out and then Thielen over DJ personally for me but its close on those two

Probably the hardest decision is between Godwin and Thielen. Probably going to be a lot of points put up in that MN/Seattle game. If AB plays, probably go Thielen.