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DJ Trade Offer; would you do it?


I have been offered McCaffery and P Richardson FOR DJ and Maclin in a full PPR league. Would you do it?

The rest of my team is RBs-Murray Anderson Martin CJ Kamara. WRs-DT Fitz Hilton MBryant Cobb Ginn.

What y’all think?


Is this a keeper league? DJ isnt likely going to make an impact this season and I would trade him away for whatever value I could get for him if it’s a redraft league.


No, redraft league @JoshL


The article above points out that similar injuries to other players take 8 to 12 weeks to come back from. Even he’s only out 8 more weeks then that’s pretty much all of your fantasy regular season, and you can’t win a championship if you don’t make the playoffs. And if he ends up being out 12 weeks or more you might not even get to use him till. Even though Cam is playing like trash mccaffery still gets enough volume in the passing game to be a viable option, Even more so in PPR.

The maclin/ Richardson part isn’t as complicated: if you don’t like Richardson after a week or two you can probably get someone on waivers that will produce enough to replace him or maclin.

I think you should go for it


Yeah if it’s a redraft and you can get McCaffery + someone then I’d go for it for sure.


Thanks for the input guys, I went through with it. Figured McCaffery presents enough upside alone, can always try flipping him for someone later too.