DJ trade offers need help on who to offer

So I’m looking at trading for DJ

My team is
Mack, chubb, Gordon, bredia and k Johnson for RB
Gordon, Diggs and MVS for wr

And his team is
DJ, tevin Coleman, James white and Alex collins for RB
Aj green doctson algholor and and Watkins for wr

I’m looking at trading for DJ due to his schedule but what would you guys say is a fair offer for him?

I forgot to add he also has kelce for tea and I have Burton

Well both of you guys are in serious need for a WR so if I had your roster I’d be moving an RB for a WR while trying to get DJ which will cost you a WR because that what he needs especailly these next 3 weeks as he will be without AJ and Watkins. It will most likely cost you Diggs or Gordon and for that price I’d rather go after James White.

Only issue would be hes not trading James white

My trades usually go best when I start a dialogue with the other team.

But as the guy above mentioned, you both need WR help. I think Gordon or Diggs might be able to land you DJ… it’s not like he’s been lighting the world on fire, and Gordon finally had a big game , so his value is sky high.

In my opinion, I’d rather keep your team as is than go after DJ

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I’d still be pursuing a legit WR with either Kerryon or Mack or both. But you could also offer MVS + Chubb/Mack/Kerryon for DJ, obvsiously start with who you deem is least valuable then work your up from there if he declines. Im guessing he maybe shopping around trying to get a WR becasue he’s screwed at that position the next couple weeks. You can give him Diggs or Gordon paired with one of the aforementioned RBS and ask for DJ plus Green in return see if he goes for it, again hes gotta be depsparate for a wideout.

Also, I own James White everywhere and he’s been sensational. Which is probably why the guy doesn’t want to trade him.

But Burkhead practiced today and will be back in a few weeks… so it’s possible the backfield gets really muddy again making the whole RB squad gross.