DJ VALUE dynasty

Guy tryin to get David Johnson from me in Dynasty. Golliday too little for a straight up swap? Too much? Need WR help bad. Already have Zeke and Carson.

If you could get Golladay for DJ straight up that would be amazing. I don’t know any owner that would send Golladay for DJ though so good luck. I think the best value you’re realistically looking at in return for DJ is a 2nd round pick. He’s old, he’s injured, on a new offense with no true WR1. I own DJ in a couple leagues and have had no bites on him at all. Best of luck selling but I think you might be overvaluing him.


Def give away DJohnson for DJ Moore

trade Johnson for Golliday and DO NOT look back …

Yep, I’m way over valued. Did a little more research last night. Talked to the trade partner as well. Def wouldn’t go Golladay, wouldnt even take Ridley. I personally think DJ is going to a better spot. Tons of vacated targets and once Fuller’s hammy goes out DJ’s pass catching skills will inevitably create his own volume. Appreciate the direction guys.

sorta Gurley-esque in that he was on a team that decided he couldnt help them win, then you saw what Drake did. Same o-line, infinitely better results. I think the new team and situation in Houston gives his value a bump…but his days as a weekly RB1 are over. Especially as Duke Johnson is the 3rd down back or at least the better bet to pick up some vacant targets.
Certainly worth seeing what you can get for him, but sounds like your trade partner isnt buyin. good luck!

I’m honestly treating DJ as a keep. I’m with you in the idea that I see him going to a better spot, but not many people want to buy him at the moment. Might as well let him blow up week 1/2 and then sell high. If he flops :man_shrugging:t3:

That’s seems where I’m headed. That was kinda the plan going forward until that guy reached out tryin to get my temp on DJ.