DJ-- What to do?

Would you flip David Johnson for Hunt and Tate or Hunt and Cobb?

Rest of team is: Jordan Howard, Kenyan Drake, Larry Fitz, Corey Davis, Kupp, Doug Baldwin, Edelman, Lynch, Tyler Lockett.

Hunt and Tate is the better of those two. Personally I’d take that if it’s on the table.


You think Hunt will pick it up a bit? I am a huge Chiefs fan but looks to be the Mahomes show so far. Of course, the Cardinals look awful right now.

I’d do either. DJ is a dumpster fire right now. I’m ready to shop him myself.

Yeah the Chiefs will have to establish a running game at some point.

Are you saying you dont think Pat will throw for 80 TD? lol

Is it too early to be full tilt on DJ? His offense is just so bad. I dont wanna sell him then end up missing out if he decides to be DJ again

I would hold him in all honesty. That offense is still trying to figure it out and I think it’ll bounce back around week 4-5. Plus the value that you’re probably going to be offered for him right now isn’t worth the upside that you could get down the road.

All in all, be open to a trade for the right price. Use your best discretion and research to stay away from the low ballers out there

It has nothing to do with him being DJ. It has everything to do with the offensive line and playcalling. They did not work him into the passing game and his O-line might be the worst in the league.

So would you flip him for Hunt or Hunt +?

At this point, yeah I would try to get Hunt + because Hunt hasn’t done a whole lot this year so you could make that case. But I would also do Hunt for DJ straight up. I would take a workhorse RB on a great offense over a workhorse RB on a horrible offense every day.