DJax and Godwin in waivers - better pick up?

Both were dropped for their bye weeks. With Winston taking over who’s the better pick up both this week in the should be shoot out and ROS? Standard scoring.

I’m playing against Ridley this week and I’m aware that if the game goes bang he could be in for another monster points haul and change the expected outcome - having a TB wideout could neutralise this but which one?

i’d rather take my chances on Godwin developing some rapport with Winston out of nowhere than I would on that happening with Desean. I have zero faith in Desean ROS.

That’s the way I’m leaning as well, they had no real chemistry last year so it makes sense.

I’m grabbing Keke as well for Callaway but would you drop Mike Williams for a guy like Godwin?

I get the ceiling, and I really rate Williams but there are so many mouths to feed in LAC and he seems lower in the pecking order than Godwin does in Tampa. I like the Chargers schedule overall with PIT, KC and Denver on the cards so maybe he’s the better keep…

Godwin > DJax. Winston is not a downfield passer and doesn’t really have much accuracy. But he does have Chem with Godwin who was a possession receiver and already producing towards tail end of last year.

Also, I think Godwin is either leading that team or tied with evans for red zone targets. So in standard, he is far more valuable.

You think Godwin over Mike Williams ROS? Or better with Mikes upside?

Or Godwin over Keke as the pickup and keep Williams that way?