DJax... Is anyone dropping him? :(

Is Djax stringing anyone along to the point that they are willing to drop him?

I’m getting close but waivers are brutal this time of year… I have been holding this long so I’m going to keep doing that lol. The week I let him go will be the week he plays and goes off and I’m stuck with my waiver wire pick up… Beasley or someone like it

Yep. I also opted not to pick him up in a league where he was on waivers.

Need healthy bodies right now.

I agree… waivers seem extra bare this year too. I may have to drop him eventually. It’s getting old … I am worried that he returns and gets hurt again. Also… why is this abdominal strain taking over 5 weeks to get over?!

Yah hopefully soon he is back just scraping by till he does. Then if he is hurt again I’ll drop him… he could win you weeks… nobody close to that on waivers.

I’ve been thinking the same. I’m on the fence of dropping him for Pettis or Dorsett.

If I didn’t have an IR spot in the league I have him in, yes I would have dropped him by now.

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Nkeal harry is on my waivers would you drop him or tyrell William’s to get him it’s a 7 player keeper

I think I would drop Tyrell.