DJax, James White, Fuller, or Miles Sanders for flex?

Half ppr, also have McLaurin who’s looking like the primary option

Not going to give you a straight answer but will provide some insights.

  • DJax always has the ability to go off but there are a lot of mouths to feed in Philly so low floor, high ceiling.
  • James White I would shy away from due to game script - Pats should dominate this one so I don’t see White being on the field that much as the game progresses
  • Fuller another high upside guy and I feel has a higher likelihood to see more targets. Hopkins should be shadowed by Ramsey, which could help that case though I don’t think Hopkins has a bad day at all.
  • Sanders is interesting too as the Falcons are having issues stopping the run. Vikings only had to throw the ball 10 times because they ran it down Atlanta’s throat. Concern there is in regards to how many opportunities he will see. he saw 11 carries and 2 targets last game though so I don’t mind this option.
  • McClaurin looked good but sit tight and wait to gather more info before starting him.

I would probably go 1. Sanders 2. Fuller 3. D-Jax


Thank you for the in depth opinion. I’m going with Sanders tomorrow. I like the guarantee that white will put up 9+ but Sanders is the #1 in the backfield. If Jackson goes off again I’m going to try and trade him for legatron

Any time man! Good luck this week! If you have any more questions tweet me @fiends247.